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We feel honoured that so many lovely couples have chosen us to capture their wedding day happiness on video. Here’s what a few of them had to say…

We are absolutely thrilled with our DVD! I can’t compliment Vanessa enough on her professionalism, the efficiency she replies to questions, and especially on the incredible job she does with filming. Her attention to detail, not only with the main things, but with little extras that she films that you wouldn’t expect, go together to make such a wonderful record of your day. Plus the quality of her filming is really good. It was very easy to have Vanessa with us for the day, she was unobtrusive, but at the same time was there to capture everything, even the most unexpected moments, she doesn’t seem to miss anything. And the DVD is so amazing to watch, she does a fabulous job incorporating the music, and you honestly don’t realise how much you miss until you watch it back. I could go on, but all i really need to say, is it is SO worth it - both getting a DVD done and particularly doing it with Vanessa, definitely one of the best wedding day planning decisions we made!! Thanks Vanessa!!!!
Charmaine and Steve, 25/03/2011

Loved what she did with my sister’s wedding so asked her to do mine as well. 2 very different weddings but Vanessa did an amazing job for both. Would certainly ask Vanessa to video any future events my family has & recommend her to family/friends. Love your work Vanessa
Marissa Bennett-Maharaj, 9/10/2010

Choosing to hire a videographer to film our wedding was a relatively last minute decision for us, and it turned out to be pretty much the best wedding related decision we made! Vanessa did an absolutely fantastic job of capturing our wedding day, including all the lovely little details that we were too busy on the day to even notice! I had been a bit worried that I might feel uncomfortable knowing the camera was on me, however Vanessa was so unobtrusive in her approach that we virtually forgot she was filming us! We were absolutely thrilled with the finished product, as were our parents and other friends and family we’ve since shown our DVD to. It is fantastic to have such a lovely keepsake of our special day and I cannot recommend Vanessa highly enough!
Selena McCloskey, 26/02/2011

When the package arrived I couldn’t believe that it was the DVD!!! Only a week and a half since the big day. the turn over was lighting fast!!! My husband and I opened a bottle of wine and sat down to watch. The video truly took us straight back to the day. It was so emotional to watch and really touched our hearts!!!! Friends and family have told me repeatedly that the highlights made themselves and friends who don’t even know us shed a tear at how beautiful it was. So I thank you for capturing the best day of our lives (so far), and presenting it in such a beautiful way. I Strongly recommend indigo moon productions to everyone.
Frances Crowther, 11/11/11

Hi Vanessa, I want to say thanks again for the beautiful dvd you have created for us not only did you capture our wedding day but you captured ever lasting memories that will never fade away. For those that are thinking should i get a videographer or not id like to say to you DO IT!! Book Vanessa @ Indigo Moon Productions now you will not regret it, her work is amazing she is very professional and you wont even know shes there. Thanks again Vanessa!
Shalyma Wright, 29/01/2011

Vanessa is amazing!! One of the best advice we got given was make sure you get a dvd of the wedding and we are so glad we did. We watched the DVD a few weeks after the special day and we were blown away with what Vanessa managed to capture. It was very emotional watching it all over again and seeing parts that we missed or could not remember because we were “up in the clouds”. It was fun watching what our guests got up to while we were away. She did a fantastic job and it felt like she was not even there. She was professional right from the very start and mangaed to get the DVD to us pretty much straight away. The editing is great and the songs that we chose match it perfectly. My parents were extremly happy and it was a nice gift to send to people overseas who could not make it to the special day. I would have no problem referring her to anyone wanting a videographer - I already have to so many people.
Alesha, 9/04/2011

Originally we weren’t going to get a DVD done as the budget was set, however after my sister insisted and told me Id regret it if I didn’t, we met with Vanessa at short notice and she took care of everything. I am now soooo glad we got this done to capture the moments that we missed, its made us so happy to see parts of the wedding that otherwise would of gone unseen. The DVD is true to the day with great flow and attractive packaging. Great mementos to send to overseas family and for a keepsake for mum and dads. I would recommend Indigo Moon to all, talented, natural and professional. Great work, thanks Vanesssa.
Deanna, 31/01/2010

I heard of Indigo Moon Productions via two couples who got married who also did their videography with Vanessa. My first impression of their DVDs - beautiful, well-edited and really brought out the personalities of the couples. I knew that I wanted Vanessa to film our wedding after seeing the two examples of her work. From the very start, Indigo Moon Productions have made everything so easy. From price (VERY reasonable), and the discreet way of filming -we didn’t realise alot of the time that Vanessa was there capturing every moment! I really loved the way that she captured all the key moments without altering the footage with special effects and how original and beautiful her editing is. Everyone who I have proudly shown our DVD to have commented that they felt like they were taken right to that moment again (or if they didn’t attend the wedding -that it was as if they were there). Loved how the DVD is presented, the gorgeous layout, and how beautifully Vanessa captured the day, the details, and our personalities, our wedding DVD will definately be a lasting memory of our special day for years to come.
Angela Taylor, 23/01/2010

Vanessa is so passionate about what she does. She captured everything in our wedding, even the smallest things. The timing and the editing on the DVD is really fitting to the songs we chose. The way our wedding video was presented suits our personalities and we love watching it all over again She is highly recommended and you won’t get wrong in dealing with Vanessa. She is very professional, creative and punctual. We will definitely refer Indigo Moon Productions to anyone we know. Vanessa, thank you very much for an excellent job. Kudos to you!
Blauw and Vilma, 12/02/2011

Vanessa and i never met or even talked on the phone. We organised everything over email and she was professional and friendly at all times. On the day she was amazing, i didnt even know she was there, however she captured every moment of our special day perfectly. If you are considering whether you need a wedding video, i would highly recommend you do it. It was so nice for me to be able to see all our guests arrive and mingle - before i arrived. I was also nice for me to be able to see the ceremony and have something to remember it by. Vanessa got the DVD to me within 2 weeks, all edited to perfection. I loved watching it, and am so glad that i have something to remember our big day!! Thank you so much Vanessa, you did a fabulous job.
Rebecca van Son, 18/02/2011

On the day I honestly do not even remember seeing Vanessa, however when we got the DVD she had managed to capture everything we wanted, even down to the small details. Vanessa was a pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend Indigo Moon to anyone who was wanting a wedding video. It is such a special thing to look back on and I everytime I watch it I feel like im right back there Thank you so very much
Honour, 6/02/2010

We actually found Vanessa through Google, and at the same time our photographer also recommended her. The first impression from her sample video is professional, elegant and creativity. So that we make the decision to have Vanessa to be our video-grapher. And in fact she was the one since she had started working with us. Once we received the DVD, we asked our friends come to watch the wonderful moment with us, and everyone do love it deeply. And then we just keep watching it again and again. The million thanks to you, Vanessa. I do recommend you to anyone. She is so awesome!!!!
Paul Bao, 20/11/2010

Vanessa filmed our ceremony in october. She did such a fantastic job, we were amazed at with the video, it is breath taking. I didnt even notice her there, she was so professional and blended into the background. Our wedding photographers also complimented her and now recommed her to other clients. I also would recommend her to anyone. Fantastic job, I have watched my video sooo many times, just fab! Thanks Vanessa
Ashley , 6/10/2012

Originally we were not going to be getting a wedding Video as we had already spend $3k on a photographer , however once I started to look into the wedding video and contacted a few people i was very please with Vanessa’s prompt and consistent contact she was very professional and i thought well priced. on the wedding day Vanessa had two camera's and i honestly can’t really remember seeing her , she managed to film all the very best moments and preserve memories we will have forever. if you are a bride to be...take my word the day goes SO FAST, after just a week i couldn’t remember much of the day , i couldn’t remember the look on my husband’s face when i came down the aisle this is why it was so great to have a wedding video to look forward to watching... what a special video and a keep sake to share with family and friends forever! i would highly recommend Vanessa and i would erg each bride to make sure you do spend that little bit extra and have a wedding video!
Emily and Michael Tromp De Haas, 17/11/2012

We used Indigo Moon Productions on our wedding day and it was fantastic. Vanessa was very professional and very friendly. She made it easy to relax and just be ourselves. The dvd was elegant and caught every special moment and feeling on the day. I would recommend Vanessa to anyone!
Liezel Cawood-Crerar, 12/12/2009

Vanessa is amazing. Her DVD’s are so polished and elegant. She has done three of my friends weddings now and all our videos uniquely capture the feel of our day, and the different personalities involved. I would recommend Indigo Moon to anyone. You wont be disappointed dealing with Vanessa.
Katie Jones, 31/01/2009

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