About Indigo Moon Productions Ltd.


Established in 2005 by Vanessa Laval-Glad, Indigo Moon Productions is ever evolving, yet a constant presence in the New Zealand creative industry.  With wedding films being the core focus, Vanessa progressed on to adding professional portrait photography to her list of skills and finally designed and built her dream studio in Tauranga in 2015. Bringing the business more in touch with the corporate world by offering business headshots, Vanessa was inspired to tell the stories of the many professionals she meets in her studio and thus “Brand Stories” was born – telling the stories of businesses through creative video.

Vanessa Laval-Glad

About Vanessa


Vanessa Laval-Glad captures moments of happiness. Whether it’s filming a wedding, telling your business story or shooting portraits, she prides herself on inspiring confidence, capturing beauty and producing stylish, professional work to be treasured.

After more than a decade behind the lens, the award-winning creative has produced more than 300 wedding videos and dozens of portraits, both professional and personal, in New Zealand and across the globe. The South-African born Kiwi is known for her friendly, super-professional approach and ability to relax and inspire her clients.